Corporate governance

Sucroal S.A., committed to ensure abidance with various programs concerning the prevention of money laundering, terrorism financing, and financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction LA/FT/FPADM – SAGRILAFT, anti-corruption, and the protection of personal information filed in their data bases, created the Compliance Group, thus safeguarding the Organization’s reputation and credibility.

Contact information to reach the Compliance Group is:
Phone No.: +57 602 4310500, Extension 703
Address: Recta Cali-Palmira Km 18, Vereda La Herradura

Sucroal counts with the following policies and manuals applicable to providers and clients, to establish corporate standards to foster the compliance of best operating and control practices, aiming to protect the company’s reputation and credibility:


Prevention System against Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, and Financing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, LA/FT/FPADM – SAGRILAFT
The Prevention and Control Policy against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risks, is of strict compliance by all third parties seeking to have commercial interaction with the company. Please send us an e-mail if you require response to any concern or enquiry:

We invite you to learn more about our policy in the SAGRILAFT Manual and SAGRILAFT Certification.


Compliance with Internal Policies for Personal Data Treatment (Habeas Data)
Sucroal has an Internal Policies Manual for Personal Data Treatment, which is of strict compliance by all third parties seeking to have commercial interaction with the company.

We invite you to learn more about our policy in the Personal Data Manual.


Anti-bribery Law Compliance Policy
The Company, aware of the need to carry out operations in a responsible, transparent, and ethical, manner, and in keeping its posture of zero tolerance concerning any such conduct that may in any way be regarded as corrupt, counts with an anti-corruption and transnational bribery prevention policy, which is of strict compliance by all our stakeholders.

Learn about our policy in the Anti-corruption and Transnational Bribery Prevention Manual.


Acceptance of Gifts and Courtesies from Providers
We know that exchanging courtesies and gifts is common to the business universe. However, we believe said practice must be carefully addressed, as to not influence or come to affect corporate decisions, thus generating improper advantage.

Learn about our guidelines in this link.


Conflict of Interests
A conflict of interests is when the Provider and/or Client, has an either direct or indirect personal interest that may hinder his/her decisions and performance or the services rendered, or even in the carrying out of the mutual business interaction.

Access this link to state a conflict of interests.

Sucroal S.A. is committed to carry out its operations in a responsible fashion and in accordance to the highest legal and ethical standards. To understand the anti-bribery law and pursue the principles of the Code of Ethics in the Agribusiness Sector of the Ardila Lulle Organization, and the policy of ethics and transparency, it is essential to safeguard our reputation of honesty and integrity, and our financial wellbeing at a long-term.

Fulfilling our policies and procedures is not an option, and not doing it may result in severe consequences for the Sector and the employees involved.

The Code of Ethics states that in Sucroal S.A. we do not allow the direct or indirect offering, payment, request, or acceptance of any inappropriate payment, such as bribery or gratuities of illegal nature.

Learn about our Corporate Code of Ethics here.

In addition, the Company has the Line of Ethics, an anonymous reporting mechanism, established to report any illegal or anti-ethical behavior, which is of easy access to employees, vendors, and any individual that has something to report.

This mechanism is available through the following channels:

Sucroal has an Audit Committee, which main objective is to guide the Board of Directors in the compliance of their surveillance and control duties. Their tasks and duties as such, are approved by the Board.

The Audit Committee’s objectives are to assess risks, governance and control environment of the Company’s core processes, to evaluate internal auditor procedures, to be informed about the result of statutory auditor’s reviews, to enable a communication channel among control bodies, and to seek for the implementation and outreach of an effective internal control system throughout the Company, in addition to overseeing compliance to the established principles of a good corporate governance and code of ethics.