Transforming solutions

In Sucroal we have a wholesome product portfolio validated in Colombia and more than 32 countries. All biotechnological and chemical options for new products’ development, with our distinctive innovating hallmark.


Sustainability is the cornerstone of Sucroal’s business management. Its core objective is to ensure the betterment and wellbeing of the company and its community.

We are domestically and internationally endorsed

The biotechnology we develop, in harmony with nature, the high-quality processes, and first-class customer service, have enable us to obtain qualifications with the highest recognition.

Sucroal, a Colombian company with global outreach.

We manufacture and distribute the raw material that inspires industrial sectors to create solutions for their clients, in a wide range of applications.


We are a company capable to coordinate and adapt our value proposal in Colombia or anywhere in the world, such value proposal is based on 7 pillars.


In Sucroal we work according to corporate policies and standards that foster transparency and compliance with the best operating and control practices, seeking to protect the organization’s reputation and credibility.