Es materia prima en la formulación de tintas, pinturas, adhesivos y pegantes.


Solvente de baja velocidad de evaporación, utilizado ampliamente en tintas para regular la velocidad de evaporación de los solventes.

Ethyl Alcohol Anhydrous Denatured

An industrial solvent with a low moisture content used by the chemical industry in general and for the manufacture of solutions.

Normal Ethyl Alcohol without a Denaturant

Ideal for the manufacture of rubbing alcohol and for the preparation of cleaning and disinfection products.

Propyl acetate

used by the flexography and rotogravure industries to dilute polyurethane inks for printing different types of packaging materials. It is also used in the paint industry for the preparation of nitrocellulose lacquers and varnishes

Butyl Acetate

Ideal for the preparation of nitrocellulose lacquers, varnishes and paint thinners, as well as for the dilution of the dilution of flexographic inks.

Ethyl Acetate Grade Uretane

Used for inks, varnishes, adhesives, explosives, artificial leather, textiles, photography and paper coatings. Also used in the preparation of thinners, paint removers, and nitrocellulose lacquers.