Our Company

Colombia offers one of the richest environments for growing sugarcane in the world. This area is home to Sucroal and offers a unique opportunity for high productivity of sugar and sugar-related products. Sucroal’s biotechnology utilizes the most sustainable natural products with minimal negative impact on the environment. Our high-efficiency processes leave a minimal carbon footprint. Our products are sold around the world forming a network of supply to meet your global needs.


Sucroal cultivates good technology through good people.

We transform nature’s gift of sugarcane into practical solutions through responsible biotechnology. Owned and managed by the Colombian-based Ardila Lulle Organization (OAL), Sucroal was born from a rich heritage of entrepreneurship, hard work and a caring spirit. In 2012, OAL changed the name of Sucromiles to Sucroal to reflect a new beginning with a new strategy and a broad product offering. Today, OAL is recognized as one of the largest producers of sugarcane in the world.