Corporate governance

Sucroal S.A. committed to guarantee compliance with the different programs regarding money laundering prevention, terrorist financing, anti-corruption and the protection of personal data that rest in its databases, created the Compliance Group, to protecting the reputation and credibility of the Organization.

Contact details of the Compliance Group are:
Phone: (57) (2) 4310500   Ext. 703
Address: Recta Cali-Palmira km 18 Vereda La Herradura

Sucroal has the following policies and manuals applicable to its suppliers and customers, establishing corporate standards that promote compliance with good operational and control practices, in order to protect the reputation and credibility of the Company:

Laundering Asset Risk Management And Terrorism Financing System (SARLAFT)

The Policy for the Prevention and Control of the Laundering Asset Risk Management And Terrorism Financing is strictly enforced by all third parties who wish to have commercial relations with the company. To resolve any concerns or requirements, write to the email

We invite you to learn more about our policy in the SARLAFT Manual and SARLAFT Certification.

Internal Policies for the Processing of Personal Data Compliance (Habeas Data)

Sucroal has an Internal Policies Manual for the Management of Personal Data, which is strictly enforced by all third parties who wish to have business relationships with the Company.

We invite you to learn more about our policy in the Personal Data Manual

Anti-bribery Law Compliance Policy

The Company, aware of the need to conduct operations in a responsible, transparent, ethical manner and in its position of zero tolerance against any conduct that may be considered in any way corrupt, counts with a policy of anticorruption and prevention of transnational bribery, of strict compliance by all our stakeholders.

Learn about our policy in the Anti-Corruption and Prevention of Transnational Bribery Manual

 Supplier’s Gifts and Courtesies Policy

We know that the exchange of courtesies and gifts is common in the business universe. However, we believe that this practice should be carried out carefully so that it does not influence or appear to influence business decisions, generating undue advantages.

Get to know our guidelines in the following link

Sucroal S.A. is committed to work in a responsible manner and in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. Understanding the anti-bribery laws and following the principles of the Code of Ethics of the Agrobusiness Sector of the Ardila Lülle Organization and the policy of ethics and transparency, is essential to safeguard our reputation for honesty and integrity, and our long-term financial well-being.

Respecting our policies and procedures is not an option, not complying may result in severe consequences for the Sector and the workers involved.

The Code of Ethics indicates that in Sucroal S.A. we do not allow the offer, payment, acceptance of direct or indirect requests of any inappropriate payment such as bribes or illegal tips.

Know here our Code of Business Ethics.

The Company also has the Ethical Line, an anonymous complaint mechanism established to raise awareness of any illegal or unethical behavior, which can be accessed by collaborators, customers, suppliers and anyone who has something to report.

This mechanism is available through the following channels:

Sucroal has an Audit Committee, whose main objective is to advise the Board of Directors in fulfilling its surveillance and control responsibilities. Its functions and responsibilities are approved by the Board.

The objectives of the Audit Committee are to examine the risks, governance and control environment of the Company’s key processes, evaluate the internal auditor’s processes, know the results of the reviews carried out by the tax auditor, provide a communication channel between the Control bodies and tend for the implementation and dissemination of an effective internal control system throughout the Company, in addition to monitoring compliance with the principles of good corporate governance and established code of ethics.